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React vs respond

The other day, I was having a frustrating moment at work. You know those times when your talking, maybe cussing to yourself? That was the moment I was having. Working from home there is no one to keep you in check at times. So I paused, took a deep breath and did what many people do. I picked up my phone. I opened Instagram. Sometimes the universe brings us what we need in ways we wouldn't expect. The first thing that popped up, upon opening the app, was a post that said "are you reacting or responding." I was definitely reacting! I needed this information, in this moment. It's become something I stop and ask myself pretty frequently now. It allows me to take a step back and ask myself if there is something I could do differently. How can I respond vs. react. This can also apply to our yoga practice. When we are in a balancing pose and we start to fall (yes, this happens to yoga teachers too), do we react by jerking ourselves back into the pose? Or can we start to engage- our legs, our feet, our core. Where in your life can you stop and respond. What does that look like? What would change if you responded rather than reacted? Here's to responding to the moment.

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