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Wellness Service

Receive 1:1 consulting when choosing your essential oils and to get started. Your wholesale membership includes personal consultation.  Become a wholesale member or purchase retail.  I'm here to help you with your needs.

aromatouch technique

AromaTouch Technique

AromaTouch Technique applies essential oils along the meridians and contact points of the back and feet. 

  • Helps  re-establish a balanced state within the body

  • Helps support healthy immune system

  • Simple and intuitive

  • 8 specific oils to help with stress management, inflammation, immune support and balance.


Yoga Classes/workshops

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About Me

The Road to a Better You


At The Balanced Oil, I sincerely care about your well-being. I became a Wellness Advocate five years ago and have not looked back.  I have spent years helping others in one way or another.  I have spent the past 11 years in the field of addictions.  I am a certified yoga teacher, certified in hypnotherapy and AromaTouch technique.


As a valued customer I look forward to providing you with exactly what you need to look and feel healthier.

​I take pride in taking the time to understand what each client needs in order to reach wellness. That’s why so many of my clients become regulars.  The Balanced Oil is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today! lisa@balancedoil.com